Daily life of an insomniac

Hi, my name is Vincent. I'm from Colorado, and I grew up with the idea that not doing anything is a waste of time, so I try to live life to the fullest. I might not get on here that much, but when I see something I like I want to share and remember it.


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Wanted to look decent for once in my life

Holy gosh you are soo pretty!!
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My adorable ass nephew playing with my gloves ^.^
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I'm looking to follow more native people


If you’re native, (especially if you’re Navajo but other tribes are cool, too), do me a solid and like/reblog this so I can check out your blog.

Bonus points if you reply to this and tell me a little about yourself and what you’re into. Age, fandoms, general interests, if you live…

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Im a fucking bother

Im stupid, i get far too excited when i find out someone likes me. And i fuckin blow it, every god damned time i feel like i just annoy the hell out of people. And i dont mean to, i just am astonished to find out someone likes me. I think im unlikeable and if you end up liking me then i want to do anything to keep it that way. Just looking at what im saying i sound like a fuckin creep, i think that might be why people stop liking me, because im a bothersome fuckin creep that cant keep his god damned mouth shut for a few minutes. I feel like i need to change myself to be happy, because i dont feel happy being myself i feel lonely and sad and frustrated. I dont think i can live thinking like this much longer. Sorry again for the pointless rant i just need to get it out somewhere

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Drew this last night any good?
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"straight edge kids are annoying" doesnt mean "everybody who makes the personal decision not to do drugs sucks" please leave me alone with that shit

straightedge is a political movement and it’s lousy with fascists. it’s a garbage subculture. sobriety is just sobriety and doesn’t need to be about that shit

Straight edge kids are a bunch of conceded assholes

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